Karner Blue Brilliant Butterfly

Real butterflies on a string? Using a dye sublimation process and patented split wing
design, our Brilliant Butterflies offer a realistic 3-D profile in flight and an enchanting
presence in the sky.

A joy to fly as the sun illuminates their beautiful, natural looking colors.

Color: Blue Multi
SKU: 54114
Size: 50 in x 28 in (127 x 71cm)
Wind Range: 5-18 mph
Sail: Ripstop Polyester
Frame: Fiberglass
Tails: 6' Streamers
Flying Line: 30# Line Included

Easy to Fly Kite!!
Karner Blue Butterfly
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  • Item #: 54114
  • Manufacturer: New Tech Kites
  • Condition: New
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