Flight School DVD

~Nearly two hours of fun and educational video!~

Sport Kites are not like traditional single string kites. Stunt Kites, as they are sometimes called, fly on two or more strings and are capable of achieving speeds of over 60 mph. Sport Kites are action packed, adrenaline filled fun! Pick up a Flight School DVD to shorten your learning curve.

Flight School DVD by Dodd Gross is an award winning training series that encompasses everything you need to know about flying dual line sport kites. The DVD runs for 117 minutes and combines Basic Training with Advanced Training for a comprehensive reference. Includes additional bonus footage!

Basic Training
- Learn basic flying techniques for dual line sport kites. Everything from setting up for the first time to popping your first axel.
- Uses a progressive system first introduced in the early 90's and refined through hundreds of hours of hands-on teaching.
- Start with the basics and progress through a comprehensive "learn then practice" system.
- Designed to build muscle memory, control and confidence.

Advanced Training
- Learn Advanced techniques for dual line sport kites, including the latest slack line tricks.
- Over 60 of the latest tricks and combinations are presented by group: Snap Stall Group, Advanced Axel Group, Advanced Ground Recovery and Combinations.
- Whether you are looking to perfect your axels or fine tune your backspins, this video has something for you!
Flight School DVD
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