Air-YO Iris Flying Toy

The Amazing Air-YO Omnidirectional Tethered Flying Object

The Air-YO™ is a unique tethered flying object. Direct every glide, hover and orbit of the Air-YO™ using the Control Rod. Play alone, or with extra Control Rods to connect as many as three people to one Air-YO™ at the same time and play "Anti-catch™." Endless action, tricks and multi-player games make the Air-YO™ highly addictive fun indoors or out.

The Air-YO™ has a thirty three inch diameter and is constructed with a carbon frame and ripstop nylon sail.

Each Air-YO™ includes one Control Rod with tether line.

Color: Purple / Black
SKU: 54602
Size: 33 in (84cm)
Wind Range: 0-6 mph
Sail: Ripstop Nylon

Fun to fly - control every glide
Easy to use indoors or outdoors
Flies best in no wind
Constructed with durable graphite frame and Ripstop nylon sail
Fun for ages 8 to 100
Multiplayer with additional control rods

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Air-YO Iris
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  • Item #: 54602
  • Manufacturer: New Tech Kites
  • Condition: New
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